It’s official—Champagne and French fries go together


If you haven’t been enjoying your champagne with a side of French fries, you’ve been doing your Friday nights all wrong. Some experts are saying that the two edible indulgences make for a perfect pairing. Don’t believe us?

“Champagne is a wine that asks for simple ingredients, no more than three,” Marie-Christine Osselin, Moët & Chandon’s wine quality and communication manager, told The Drinks Business back in April 2018. In regard to the unexpected pairing of Champagne and fries, she noted that it’s the salt content and the crunchiness of the fries that really make the zest and bubbles of the Champagne stand out.

Once word of this French fry and Champagne combo began to spread, people couldn’t help but voice their opinions online. Twitter user @dudejfed called this mash-up “the best combo ever.”

Others weren’t surprised at all to hear the news that people should have been eating their French fries alongside Champagne. Twitter user @Kwicnotes wrote, “Always said, champagne goes with everything!” A fair point.

“We figured this one out a while ago,” wrote Twitter user @TMBCollier before suggesting that we all pair our Champagne with original Lays as part of our next taste test.

And of course, many can’t wait to try this combo, especially since not trying it is the equivalent of “drinking champagne the wrong way,” according to Twitter user @AshleyisFamous. Gotta fix that, ASAP.

If you like the idea of pairing some of your favorite salty snacks with Champagne, you’re going to love the other combos intended to help you expand your palate.

For example, according to a press release, Yellow Tail Bubbles pairs best with chicken and waffles — so get ready to take your brunch game to a whole other level! And Wine Folly even recommends pairing Brut from Cremant d’Alsace with a corndog and dijon mustard. How yummy does that sound?

Who else is ready to give these pairings a try?

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