Jalapeno Popper Chicken Is The Spicy Comfort Food You Need

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The only thing better than jalapeño poppers as an appetizer? Jalapeño poppers as an entree, of course! We found a recipe for jalapeño popper chicken that adapts everyone’s favorite pop-able snack into a full-on meal.

The recipe from Add A Pinch is easy to make and sounds absolutely delicious. You’ll need all the ingredients you’d expect when making a jalapeño popper — jalapeños, cream cheese, cheddar cheese and bacon — plus skinless chicken breasts to take this from appetizer-only to main-course-approved.

Start by cooking the chicken breasts on their own in a casserole dish for about 45 minutes. While the chicken’s in the oven you’ll mix the other ingredients into a dip. Pull the chicken out of the oven, smother it in the spicy dip and complete with a layer of crushed crackers and even more cheese.

When it’s ready to eat, you’ll have a dish that’s just the right mixture of spicy, cheesy and crunchy — just like a jalapeño popper!

Add A Pinch

This is just waiting to be served with a taco salad or a side of rice and beans when it’s Mexican food night at your house!

If you want bonus points for presentation, you can also follow along with this recipe from Delish, which fills chicken breasts with a jalapeño and cream cheese mixture before wrapping it in bacon and frying it up on a pan.

This video from the Delish YouTube channel will show you how the process is done:

And if you’d rather let an instant pot or a slow cooker do the work for you, there’s a way to make this appetizer-turned-entree into a soup that will be just the kind of low-key meal you need on a busy weeknight.

The recipe from Eating On A Dime calls for chicken broth, chicken breasts, cream cheese, jalapeños and taco seasoning for added flavor.

Simply combine everything in a slow cooker or instant pot and let the kitchen gadgets do the work to yield one yummy dinner. Top with bacon, extra pepper and more cheese before you dig in.

Eating On A Dime

These new ways to enjoy jalapeño, bacon and cream cheese will give you the perfect excuse to eat jalapeño popper-inspired foods more frequently!


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