Jalapeño popper dogs are now a thing—here’s how to make them at home

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Hot dogs and summer go hand in hand. But, let’s face it, grilling a plain old dog can get pretty boring. So here’s a fun twist: jalapeño popper dogs!

Jalapeño dogs are spicy, cheesy and juicy, and they are super easy to make. It will look like you spent hours on prep work, when, in fact, they come together almost as fast as regular old hot dogs out of a package.

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This recipe comes courtesy of the brilliant minds at The Food In My Beard, so check out the site for step-by-step instructions. Below are some of the key steps for creating these tasty jalapeño popper dogs!

You start by cutting a hot dog in half length-wise. Make sure to use a sharp, sturdy knife so you can make a clean, even cut.

Now it’s time to layer on the cheese! American is a good choice, because it gets ooey-gooey and delicious on the grill, but you can also try cheddar, pepper jack or your own personal favorite. I think white American cheese from the deli would be your best bet. It melts like a dream but it’s a little “classier” than that bright orange stuff. Stuff the cheese in between the layers of the sliced meat to create a sort of hot-dog sandwich.

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Then you’re going to wrap that cheese-stuffed dog with a big jalapeño. When selecting jalapeños, look for ones that are large and hefty. No small,  skinny serranos here! The hot dog is going to go inside the jalapeño, so choose peppers that are roughly the size of your hot dogs.


You may need to use two or three jalapeños per hot dog, depending on the size of your peppers and your dogs. Next, all you have to do is toss those bad boys on the grill for a few minutes, being sure to roll the dogs around and char each side.

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There you have it! Spicy, cheesy jalapeño popper hot dogs that will delight your guests. Top with your favorite hot dog condiments, or sprinkle with some cooked and crumbled bacon. Wow!

The Food In My Beard

[h/t: Delish]

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