This Time-Lapse Video Of A Forest Waking Up Will Knock Your Socks Off

Time-lapse videos are pretty extraordinary, in part because of all the work that goes into filming and then speeding up hours and hours of footage to create them. And applying this method of videography to show a forest coming to life, well, we can’t imagine a better subject.

That’s exactly what German filmmaker Jan Haft has done with “In The Kingdom Of The Forest.” The video was shared on France 5’s Facebook channel, and lucky for us it was.

The video showcases what seems to be a forest “waking up,” if you will. Stems rise out of dewy grass, flowers open and bugs crawl right before your very eyes. It’s truly stunning to watch.

Of course, this is exactly the type of work Haft loves to create. According to a bio written on a website about his film “The Green Planet,” explains that ever since he was a little boy, he vowed to be close to animals. As a filmmaker, he’s been able to live out his dreams through his work.

According to his IMDb page, all of his work has had to deal with nature in some capacity. So, if you’re obsessed with nature (and it’d be hard not to be after watching his time-lapse video), it’s highly recommended that you see more of Haft’s work, most of which comes in the form of documentaries.

You can get a sampling of his work on YouTube, and if you’re looking to take a little time out of your busy day to just relax, there’s no better way to do it than by watching these videos.

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Seeing the forest come to life is practically a form of meditation, if you ask me. So, hit that replay button, why don’t you?