Jane Fonda slept in her red carpet gown—and we’ve never loved her more

Jane Fonda is a boss. The 80-year-old actress has been in the spotlight since 1960, when she made her Broadway debut in a play. In the ensuing years, she’s been a political activist, a workout video entrepreneur, environmentalist and a seven-time Oscar nominee. Sounds like she’s pretty unlikely to get rattled, right? But there is one unexpected thing this awesome lady recently had trouble with.

A zipper. Yup—a zipper. In a hilarious and engaging set of Instagram posts, Fonda shared her battle with the zipper on the formal dress she wore to the recent gala at the LA Museum of Modern Art.

First, she shared this glamorous photo of herself on the red carpet, in full makeup and formal gown:


Next, she shared the morning-after photo. Still adorable, but slightly more rumpled! The caption reads, “Here’s me the next morning. I couldn’t get my dress unzipped so I slept in it.. never wanted a husband in my life until now.”


It’s funny because it’s true! What woman hasn’t struggled with unzipping a dress after a long night?

Although the posts are from November, they’re currently going viral on social media, probably because people are enjoying Fonda’s sense of humor and relating to her formalwear predicament. Someone recently shared side-by-side photos of Fonda in her gorgeous lace gown on the red carpet and in the kitchen the next morning.

The tweet was shared almost 90,000 times and racked up more than 300,000 likes. And, of course, many fans chimed in to express support for Fonda keeping it real with her candid photo.

Another Twitter user commented on how beautiful Fonda is—whether or not she’s wearing makeup. And we’ve got to agree! She is, after all, 80 years old, but easily looks decades younger.


We think it’s awesome that she shared such a humorous and intimate moment from her life. We’re used to seeing Jane Fonda the movie star, composed, graceful and dressed to the nines on the red carpet, so it’s refreshing to see her makeup-less and preparing a sandwich.

There are no details available on who actually took the photo the next morning—something people on social media were definitely curious about—but we’re hoping it was a kind soul who also helped Fonda out of her beautiful dress.

Next time Fonda (or any other woman) finds herself unable to unzip her own dress, we humbly suggest the safety pin and dental floss trick, covered in our article “13 Surprising Uses For Safety Pins, Other Than Sewing.” Fonda may not need a husband (as she references in her funny post), but a couple of spare safety pins are definitely handy to have around!