This Woman Makes The Coolest Dollhouse Furniture You’ve Ever Seen

Meet Kiyomi. She’s a Japanese artist and mother of two who makes some of the most beautiful—and tiny—pieces of art you’ll ever see! This talented and crafty woman makes miniature furniture, food and other items that are made to fit inside dollhouses.

According to My Modern Met, Kiyomi wakes up as early as 4 a.m. to work on her stunning creations, which include miniaturized items from the 18th century. Her work includes everything you’d need to fill a dollhouse and to conjure up a bygone era, including antique cabinets, furniture, a sewing machine and clothes. She shares her handiwork with the world on Instagram, where she has more than 82,000 followers.

Here’s an example of a dollhouse room full of Kiyomi’s adorably tiny furniture and clothing:

The tiny pastries below look good enough to eat. The level of detail Kiyomi puts into them is incredible!

These super-small shoes are complete with teeny laces:

How cute are these minuscule baking supplies? Those bundt cake pans would barely cover your fingertip.

Miniaturization has a rich history in Japan, and Kiyomi is far from the only artist in her country making exquisite art in teeny-tiny form. Heck, some Japanese miniature makers spend their days designing little sofas for cats!

Another similarly talented Japanese woman who goes by the name Masako on Instagram is a mother, artist and baker who makes cookies that look like shockingly realistic plates of traditional Japanese meals. Check it out:

To pull off her tasty and beautiful treats, Masako first bakes a biscuit that will serve as the bowl, plate or tray for the meal. She then molds each piece of food out of icing, which I’m sure is a painstaking process!

Get a look at her desserts within a dessert—cookies that look like tiny cakes:

It’s hard to believe that this scene straight out of a sushi restaurant is actually made of cookies:

Wow! These artists’ work is truly impressive. Follow Kiyomi and Masako on Instagram to keep up with their latest creations.

[h/t Bored Panda]