This artist makes intricate balloon animals and they’re incredible

A true artist can take something ordinary and transform it into a conversation piece. Some people use paint, pencils or clay to create their masterpieces. But Masayoshi Matsumoto uses balloons and twists them into unbelievable works of art.

But the 29-year-old artist from Kanagawa, Japan doesn’t make your run-of-the-mill dog, cat or hat you may remember from some birthday party or restaurant when you were a kid. You won’t believe the types of creatures he conjures up from simple balloons! How about this hornet?

The artist relies on his ability to twist and shape the balloons to secure the shapes he designs. To get the various colors, textures and patterns he needs, Matsumoto finds different colored balloons, inflates them to various sizes or even deflates them, as necessary.

Matsumoto has one rule when it comes to his intricate sculptures: use only balloons. He refuses to use markers to color his work or any sort of adhesive (such as tape) to keep them together.

It takes Matsumoto anywhere between two and six hours to finish a single balloon animal, according to Design Boom. Each piece has a different level of difficulty based on the fine details and shape of the finished project.

The self-taught artist finds his inspiration in nature, which is the primary focus on his body of work. He loves making all kinds of animals, plants and flowers. He shares the incredible balloon animals on his social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter.

Check out these examples of Matsumoto’s incredible work below:

Great blue turaco


Barn owl


Ring-tailed lemur



Somehow, he even makes creepy, crawly creatures like insects look more beautiful in balloon form!

Cuckoo wasp


The artist also has something for flower and plant lovers, too!

Lily of the valley

Beehive ginger

These are so cool! What an amazing talent this artist possesses.