Jelly Belly has released new Krispy Kreme-flavored jelly beans


What could be better than doughnuts and jelly beans? A doughnut-FLAVORED jelly bean. Yes, it’s true: The Jelly Belly candy company has partnered with doughnut king Krispy Kreme to roll out a line of doughnut-flavored jelly beans. We’re not sure if we can wait to get our hands on these.

According to snack guru The Junk Food Aisle, there’s no official release date yet for this incredible mash-up, but we’ll keep our eyes open. The jelly beans will come in flavors that include Original Glazed, Apple Filled, Strawberry Iced, Glazed Blueberry Cake, and Chocolate Iced With Sprinkles. Personally, I’m all about that Original Glazed but I wouldn’t say no to a Chocolate Iced either.

While doughnut-flavored jelly beans might seem somewhat odd (or even impossible), given the wide range of flavors already available from Jelly Belly, it shouldn’t be too difficult. The company already offers tons of chocolatey flavors (Chocolate Pudding is the best one, don’t disagree) and a veritable boatload of fruity ones (34 out of the original 50 are fruit-inspired).

The Krispy Kreme/Jelly Belly mashup was debuted at this year’s Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago. Some testers weren’t a big fan (“Without the tactile, warm, crisp pleasures of a doughnut, all you’re getting in these jelly beans is a cloyingly sweet hit of vanilla cake flavor,” wrote Kevin Pang and Josh Modell for the AV Club website), but we can’t wait to test these out!

It’s pretty much expected that these will be a sugar bomb, so we just have to have a lot of hot (or iced) coffee on hand to counteract all the sweetness. And then maybe we can all go for a run together to burn off that massive sugar rush. We’ll be keeping a sharp eye out for this tasty debut—there’s just nothing like a good doughnut-flavored jelly bean!

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