Jelly Sandals Are Back Again Just In Time For Summer

Finding the perfect pair of sandals that are just as cute as they are comfy can be easier said than done. But, now that the shoes you loved in the 1990s are cool again, you can consider your summer shoe situation sorted. Jelly sandals are making a comeback in a big way, so get ready to feel like a kid again, as far as your footwear is concerned.

Melissa, the shoe company responsible for making super popular jelly shoes in the ’90s, is back in action with their Possession sandal, which comes in a variety of colors as well as shiny and matte finishes, plus clear, like you probably had in the ’90s. The color options include grown-up shades such as beige, navy and black, so you’re sure to find a sandal that will work with your office wardrobe and pair well with a pair of denim shorts on the weekend. Just the kind of thing you needed, huh?

You can find the Mary Jane-style sandal on the Melissa website for $75. The unisex shoe ranges in sizes from 5 to 13:


The beige pair will easily go with all of your outfits this summer season:


But, you could also go with a bold color to add some fun to your look with this neon yellow pair:


You may need to break these in so that you can live the rest of your summer without blisters, but based on the commentary online, people are more than willing to do just that. It seems they’ve been waiting for the day jelly sandals would make a comeback.

Twitter user @nympfet wants a pair “so badly,” and now — they’re back and better than ever:

And Twitter user @iKarlaaa is also all-caps excited that these sandals have returned:

Meanwhile, Twitter user @darian_janine was so ready for them to come back into style that they were willing to bring them back single-handedly, if need be:

Jelly sandal lovers will be happy to know that Melissa isn’t the only company prepared to make jelly sandals again. You can also find the ’90s shoes at retailers such as Forever 21 and ASOS.

This pair from Forever 21 is actually much more affordable, too, but doesn’t have the variety of colors that Melissa’s offering. These are available in hot pink, clear or lime for $12.90:

Forever 21

If you liked the notion of giving jelly sandals a more adult feel, then you’ll adore this pair from ASOS that’s combined classic jelly sandals with a more grown-up ballet flat silhouette. They’re available in this bright coral color for $19:


Coach is selling this cute thong version in both orange and black. You can nab a pair of these for $48:

Coach Tea Rose Jelly Sandal Mandarin

Want more styles? Visit Zappos— here, we found jelly sandals by Crocs, Katy Perry, Igor, Mini Melissa, Tory Burch, Puma, Jack Rogers, and more!

Do these sandals have you feeling nostalgic or what? Which pair do you plan on wearing all summer long?