JellyTank Aquarium Lets You Keep JellyFish As Pets At Home

Sure, it’s nice to watch fish float around in their tanks, but there’s never been anything quite as mesmerizing as watching a jellyfish float through the water.

Their movements are graceful, and they’re extremely fragile, which is exactly why it’s not easy to just toss them in a tank with other sea creatures.

But, there’s now a way you can display jellyfish — no corners or other dangerous tank features involved.

jellyfish photo
Getty Images | Chris McGrath

Thanks to Kickstarter and all the folks who backed the online project, a product called The JellyTank now exists. It’s a fish tank designed specifically to keep jellyfish safe.

According to The JellyTank website, “Our team of jellyfish experts have done extensive research on creating the best jellyfish tank that is user-friendly and easy to maintain. We’ve put together a product that allows jellyfish to thrive in an environment without the worries of getting hurt. The tank utilizes a laminar water flow pattern which mimics the natural open water habitat of jellyfish.”

Basically, this tank was designed to make jellyfish feel more at home within your own home.


The project exceeded its Kickstarter goal, so now you can order your own JellyTank online for $300 to $325. For your money, you’ll also get a starter kit, which includes aquarium salt, food for the jellyfish, bio balls, starter bacteria, cleaning supplies, a water tank, a spray bar, filter pads and an LED light and remote.

Each JellyTank weighs about 19 pounds and is 16 inches by 13 inches by 8 inches.

If you’re a first-time jellyfish guardian, the site also has tons of helpful information about how to acclimate your new friends, how to set up the tank and other important topics.


The JellyTank site also sells the jellyfish themselves, for $20 to 50 a pop, depending on their size.

The site sells moon jellyfish, which are translucent and have shorter tentacles. You can buy 1-inch diameter jellyfish through the site, all the way up to jellyfish that have a diameter of 3 or more inches.

jellyfish photo
Getty Images | Dan Kitwood

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The tank has a sleek design and comes in white or black. It’s equipped with LED lighting so you can illuminate the jellyfish in whatever color you like. Choose a calming blue and watch the little guys float around for the ultimate relaxing experience.

If you thought listening to ocean’s sounds was a stress-reliever, you haven’t seen anything yet.

jellyfish photo
Getty Images | Dan Kitwood

This is pretty much the coolest invention, and the fact that it can be yours for about $300 is insane.

You’ll probably never want to own a betta fish again.

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