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Jennifer Garner Plays ‘Happy Birthday’ For Reese Witherspoon On The Sax

She's pretty good!

Isn’t it great when friends do something special for your birthday? From decorating each other’s lockers in middle school to dinners out as adults, celebrating friends’ birthdays is always a nice way to let them know you care. On March 22, actress Reese Witherspoon turned 42, and her friend Jennifer Garner was there to help her celebrate … musically.

Garner went all out, dressing up in full-on marching band gear and performing an impassioned rendition of “Happy Birthday” on the saxophone. Talk about #friendshipgoals!

Luckily for us, the whole thing was posted to Instagram:


“Hey, @reesewitherspoon! I don’t know why you’re on my mind today…..#happybirthdayfriend,” she captioned her video.

This isn’t the first time Garner has busted out her sax skills, having previously played “Mary Had A Little Lamb” for Vanity Fair.

The two actresses have a tight bond and a history of giving each other birthday shout-outs. For Garner’s birthday last year, Witherspoon posted a throwback photo of the two on Instagram, along with a caption reading, “Here’s lookin’ at you, Jen! Happy Birthday to my gorgeous friend #JenniferGarner who always laughs at my jokes and my bad dance moves! Love you!”


How sweet! These two really put my simple “Happy birthday!” on my friend’s Facebook timeline to shame.

Model Molly Sims is also friends with the pair and previously dished about what makes them so great.

“They’re great women, and I’ll tell you, they’re great mothers,” Sims told AOL Entertainment of Witherspoon, Garner and the group’s other pal, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe. “I’m not just saying it. You’ll see them on the red carpet or at a great party, but you also see them at [after-school] pickup or at a birthday party, and they’ve got their hair in a ponytail with no makeup on.”

It’s nice to hear that these women are as awesome as their public personas! Happy birthday, Reese, and here’s to many more birthdays (including Instagram shout-outs) to come!