Jennifer Garner wears 12-foot scarf her daughter made and people are loving it

Jennifer Garner recently stepped out wearing an extremely long scarf, but the reason behind her unconventional style decision had nothing to do with fashion and everything to do with being a proud mama.

According to an Instagram post on April 20, Garner’s 9-year-old daughter, Seraphina, made her this scarf for her 46th birthday. So, what did she do? She rocked the 12-foot-long scarf and bragged about it on social media — as any good mom would!

Garner is a mom of three — Violet, Seraphina and Samuel — so she’s used to making the “car pool line [her] runway,” as she hilariously put it, and this fashion choice was a prime example of that.

“When your nine year old weaves a 12ft long scarf on a peg loom for your birthday present, you’d better #werk,” she captioned the Instagram post. She also threw in “#thecarpoollineismyrunway” and “#proudmom,” for obvious reasons.

That look might even top some of her best red carpet moments!

jennifer garner red carpet photo
Getty Images | Rodin Eckenroth

Other moms and Garner’s fans couldn’t help but comment on her major “proud mom” moment.

“You are such a great mother, I just bet that made there [sic] little face beam from ear to ear!!! ( mom of the year awarded to you),” one fan wrote on Instagram.

Others were quick to say that they’d love a scarf like this next, if her daughter’s taking orders — and I think we can pretty much all agree that we’d love for our names to be added to that waitlist!

On Twitter, someone called Garner’s scarf their “dream outfit,” because of how cozy it looks:

Some fans loved how relatable the moment was, because, really, many moms have done something like this for their kids:

And this certainly isn’t the first time Garner’s flaunted her mom game online. She once posted about walking her pet chicken on a leash on Instagram, because yes — she’s a self-proclaimed “Chicken Lady” on top of being a mother to three.

When she’s not walking chickens or showcasing her style, you may also find Garner selling Girl Scout cookies with her daughters.

Celeb status aside, when it comes down to it — she’s just like the rest of us.