Jennifer Lawrence Asks People On The Street To Name Five Of Her Movies

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest movie stars today, but she’s also known for not taking herself too seriously. She played that up for some laughs last week when she guest hosted “Jimmy Kimmel Live” while Kimmel spent time with his young son, who recently had a heart surgery delayed.

Several celebrities, including Channing Tatum, Dave Grohl and Shaquille O’Neal, dropped in to guest host the show, and on Thursda,y Lawrence took her turn.

Lawrence launched the show with a monologue that included jokes about the wage gap, Gwyneth Paltrow and handling stage fright before introducing a segment in which she asked people on the street to name five of her movies. Hilarity ensues:

Now, Lawrence isn’t Samuel L. Jackson, but she has been in more than a dozen movies since she broke onto the scene with “Winter’s Bone” in 2010. I mean, she’s been in four “Hunger Games” movies and three “X-Men” movies alone, so this shouldn’t be that hard.

But then again, it probably didn’t help some of these nervous people that Lawrence was the one asking the question, because none of the people interviewed were able to name five movies. Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo had to step in the day.


Lawrence was in full self-depreciating mode during the bit, especially with some people who did not know who Lawrence was:

Jennifer Lawrence: “Do you smoke weed?”

Guy who clearly smokes weed: “Sometimes.”

Jennifer Lawrence: “When you smoke weed, do you ever watch Jennifer Lawrence movies?”

Well, after this guest appearance, even people who don’t watch movies might become J-Law fans. Most of the internet agreed that the actress crushed the gig, including Kimmel himself.

Hopefully it won’t be long before Lawrence gets a chance to host another late-night show. Until then, brush up on your J-Law trivia. You never know when she might show up.