Behind-the-scenes video of Jennifer Lopez and her daughter preparing for their Super Bowl performance is so sweet

Jennifer Lopez brought down Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday night with her high-powered performance, including a mashup of hits like “Jenny from the Block,” “Waiting for Tonight” and “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.”

But it was her duet of “Born in the USA” with 11-year-old daughter Emme Maribel Muniz that was the most memorable for fans. As you can see in videos of the performance, Emme has all of her mother’s confidence and talent, and she takes the stage like a true pro during the “Get Loud” portion of J-Lo’s performance.

But it’s what happened before the mother-daughter performance at the Super Bowl that was likely most important to J-Lo and Emme. In a behind-the-scenes rehearsal video posted by Jennifer Lopez for the “It’s My Party!” tour, we see Emme embracing her mom around the 15-minute mark and getting a little pep talk:

The video, which has been viewed more than 1.7 million times and counting on Youtube, shows the devoted mother giving her daughter some touching words of support that show just how deep her love for Emme is.

“So proud of you,” says Lopez. “Even if you didn’t go out there, I’d be so proud of you.”

Emme asks her mom why she would be proud of her even if she doesn’t perform, and Lopez gives the most heartwarming reply.

“Everything that you are,” Emme’s mom tells her. “It’s true. You’re such a good, loving, beautiful soul.”

It’s no wonder so many fans are tearing up when they watch the sweet vid, with many of the commenters on the video saying they wish J-Lo was their mom, while others say that the mother-daughter bond reminds them of their own relationship with their mom.

Jennifer Lopez’s performance, along with Shakira’s incredible performance, has been heralded as extremely meaningful thanks to its message of unity, inclusivity and Latinx pride.

You can watch J-Lo’s Super Bowl performance on Youtube below:

What was your favorite part of her performance?