Jennifer Lopez Was So Excited When She Got To Meet Joanna Gaines — So She’s Just Like The Rest Of Us

Despite her own success and worldwide fame, Jennifer Lopez still has the ability to be starstruck. She adorably demonstrated that during a recent appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” when she relayed a story about how she got a surprise Facetime call from “Fixer Upper” star Joanna Gaines.

Lopez explained to DeGeneres what a big fan she is of Gaines and her show. The triple threat revealed to the host that she mentioned to her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, that she would love for Gaines to renovate their home, but doubted that it would ever happen since Gaines and her husband, Chip, usually only work in and around their hometown of Waco, Texas.

Although she doubted that Rodriguez was even paying attention to her passing comment, later, Lopez was shocked when Rodriguez led her to believe they were going to have a FaceTime meeting with an architect about the renovation of their home, and instead, she received a call from Gaines. Rodriguez arranged the call as a gift for the couple’s two-year anniversary.

Check out how giddy Lopez got reliving the exciting moment in the clip from Ellen Tube below:

“I totally fangirled out,” Lopez recalled of the moment she saw Gaines on the call. She said that Gaines was just as cheerful and put-together as she looks on “Fixer Upper.”

In addition to being thrilled to get the opportunity to talk to Gaines, Lopez was heartened to realize that her boyfriend does, in fact, listen to her. DeGeneres agreed that knowing your partner is listening to those things that are important to you is extremely romantic.

Jennifer Lopez's MTV VMA's Vanguard Award Celebration At Beauty & Essex In NY
Getty Images | Andrew Toth

While Lopez said it’s still unlikely that Gaines will travel to physically renovate her and Rodriguez’s own “fixer upper,” she did agree to help and provide advice along the way.

How sweet! Happy anniversary to one powerhouse couple!