Jessica Simpson shares photos of her new baby girl

Mom of three Jessica Simpson celebrated Easter by sharing photos of her family, including their newest addition, a little girl named Birdie Mae Johnson. This is the first photo that Simpson has shared of the little girl since she was born on March 19.

After the arrival of her third child, she posted a sweet message on Instagram writing, “We are so happy and proud to announce the birth of our perfect daughter, Birdie Mae Johnson.” The little girl came in weighing a healthy 10 pounds, 13 ounces:

And on Easter Sunday, Simpson showed off little Birdie again — this time, wearing her Easter finest:

The image was captioned simply, “Birdie Mae Johnson”:

Simpson also proudly showed off the rest of her family. She and husband Eric Johnson also share 6-year-old Maxwell Drew and 5-year-old Ace Knute.

The mom also posted an adorable photo of Birdie alongside her older sister, who they call Maxi Drew:

The family also posed as a happy “party of 5” wearing the brightest smiles:–I/

These may be the first photos Simpson’s fans are seeing of Birdie, but the mom has been very open throughout her entire pregnancy and since her baby’s birth, talking about everything from severe acid reflux during pregnancy to the feeling of success that comes with filling a bottle with breast milk. It’s refreshing to see her discussing these mama moments so candidly.

She opened up about having to buy a recliner for her to sleep in at night because of her acid reflux:

Following the birth of her baby, Simpson posted an image that all breastfeeding moms can relate to:

With her third pregnancy, Simpson decided to “go with it,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I crave everything!” she told the news source. “It’s like, with a girl, I just want, like, Pop-Tarts and cinnamon rolls and cinnamon gummy bears and sour cherries. Bring it on!”

And in a video interview, she admitted to having a go-with-the-flow attitude. “I go with the waddle — immediately when I found out I was pregnant, I was like, stick the stomach out, pop the hips out and waddle. Just own the waddle.”

And now that the baby is here, we can’t wait to see how Simpson handles being a mom of three adorable children.

Congratulations to the happy family!