This woman was the only passenger on 189-seat airplane to Greece

Do you ever wish you had more space during a plane ride? Of course, you do! Who wouldn’t want just a little more leg room to stretch out? And wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to invade the personal space of total strangers just to get to the bathroom?

Well, one woman on a recent flight to Greece found herself with more room than she knew what to do with when she happened to be the only passenger on a 189-seat plane.

Karon Grieve was taking off from Glasgow and headed to the Greek island of Crete on Oct. 22. She expected her Jet2 flight to be less than full, as it’s the tail-end of the tourist season. But she never could have guessed that she would end up being the sole passenger.

“I asked the girl at check-in how many were going to be flying and she said I should guess,” Grieve told the Daily Record. “So I counted it down from 10 and it turned out there were three people booked on.”

But by the time she reached the gate, she learned that the other two passengers had never shown up, suddenly turning the large passenger plane into a private jet. The best part? She had only paid about $60 for her ticket—what a deal!


As the only customer, Grieve was treated to one-of-a-kind personal service from the crew during the four-hour flight.

“I was amazed. The captain Laura came and chatted before take-off and I was on first name terms with Viktoria, Ashleigh, Toyah and Diane before the doors even closed,” Grieve said. “Later, the first officer Lee came for a chat. As we flew over places of interest, Laura would come on the tannoy saying, ‘Hi, Karon and the girls. We are now flying over Croatia, look to your left.”

Grieve rents an apartment in Crete and regularly travels there for vacation. And with views like this around the country, who wouldn’t keep come back for more?

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While on her trip, she’s discovered a little of what it’s like to be a celebrity!

Grieve’s story is taking the world by storm and reporters from all over have reached out to talk to the latest airline VIP.

How awesome is this attention? Even the busy mom’s teenager took notice of mom’s viral story:

She shared a little bit of her trip on social media, as well. It looks like she found a way to enjoy some down time despite work and her new found popularity.

A spokesperson for the airline had this to say: “We’re delighted Karon got to experience VIP customer service in style. It’s not unusual for the final outbound flight of the season to have fewer bookings than normal. We hope Karon has a fantastic time in Crete.”

It certainly looks like she is!

Safe travels, Karen! And, if you happen to score another deal or private flight, please let us know! We need to try out some of your secrets!

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