Harry Connick Jr. And Wife Jill Goodacre Open Up About Breast Cancer Battle

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Entertainer Harry Connick Jr. and his wife, actress and former Victoria’s Secret model Jill Goodacre might seem like they have it all. But the couple recently sat down with People to talk about a personal struggle: For the past five years, Goodacre battled breast cancer for the past five years.

In October 2012, Goodacre received the devastating news that she had stage 1 invasive ductal carcinoma. According to BreastCancer.org, invasive ductal carcinoma is the most common type of breast cancer. Her treatment included an immediate lumpectomy followed by radiation.

Connick Jr. has been affected by cancer before. When he was just 13, his mother passed away from ovarian cancer. “I know from losing my mom that the worst can happen. She’s my best friend, and I really don’t know what I would do without her,” he told People.

Goodacre and Connick Jr. are parents to three daughters: Georgia, Kate and Charlotte.

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Goodacre took the cancer-fighting drug Tamoxifen as part of her treatment. Although the drug can be effective at keeping cancer at bay, it comes with some unpleasant side effects, including weight gain.

Goodacre admitted she struggled with this particular side effect and how it impacted her self-image. “I’ve always been a pretty fit person, and so to be just rounder and heavier and not to really be able to do much about it—that’s been hard,” she told People. “It’s taken a lot out of my self-confidence.”

For his part, Connick Jr. did not dismiss her insecurities but also said that her weight gain did not change his view of his wife. “It’s a part of how the cancer and the treatment impacted her, and it was a real issue, even though she will always be the most beautiful woman in the world,” he said.

The couple chose to wait until the five-year mark to go public about Goodacre’s cancer fight because they wanted to wait until the worst had passed.

“We wanted to be well on the other side of things before we told everybody. The doctors all say that after the five-year mark, things look optimistic, so we’re starting to feel pretty good,” said Goodacre.

The couple will speak about Goodacre’s cancer battle today on “HARRY,” Connick Jr.’s talk show.

We wish Harry Connick Jr., Jill Goodacre and their family all the best in her recovery!




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