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This ‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Just Got Married!

Congrats to the happy couple!

Parsons came out as gay publicly in a 2012 profile with The New York Times where he revealed that he was in a longterm relationship. But in 2014, he told Ellen DeGeneres that he and his boyfriend had no immediate plans for marriage.

Now, we’re happy to say that is far from true—Jim and Todd are so cute as a couple! And Parsons’ life is just full of good news. CBS just renewed “The Big Bang Theory” for another two seasons.

On top of that, Parsons is getting his own spinoff show that will be just about Sheldon. The spinoff will follow a young Sheldon as he goes through high school. Parsons will narrate and also serve as the executive producer.

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Outside of work, however, we hope Jim and Todd’s life together is full of love, laughter and not too many Sheldon-y quirks… unless Todd is into that, of course.