Jimmy Fallon and Weezer performed a must-see version of the ’80s classic ‘Take On Me’

Jimmy Fallon always creates must-see TV, but when he pairs up with musicians — you definitely don’t want to miss it. In a very special segment, Fallon and “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” band, The Roots, teamed up with musical group Weezer to perform a rendition of “Take On Me” using kids’ instruments. They played everything from a kazoo to a tiny electric guitar and yet somehow still sound amazing!

Of course, you can’t pay homage to A-ha’s “Take On Me” without ’80s hairstyles and clothing, so Fallon and the gang are sporting mullets, bold prints, bright blazers and more. And if that’s not enough to make you feel like you’re back in the 1980s, the video also bounces in and out of hand-drawn animated segments, just like the original music video.

Check out the clip from “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” YouTube channel and get ready for a blast from the past:


See A-ha’s version of the song and music video for comparison:

They nailed it, didn’t they?

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo really hits the high notes and does A-ha lead vocalist Morten Harket proud. And the handiwork of the other Weezer and The Roots band members are more than impressive, to say the least, especially given the fact that they’re playing with maracas and other instruments that could be found in a classroom.

Fans couldn’t help but comment online about just how truly great this was. Twitter user @krodan14 wrote, “This is so fun,” on Twitter, because it really was some quality entertainment:


Twitter user @josiegags went so far as to say this was “one of the best things [she’s] ever seen in [her] life”:

And Twitter user @Hal23Anne couldn’t help but admit to being “semi-obsessed with this cover”:

You certainly can’t blame folks for wanting to listen to this on repeat!

This isn’t the first time Fallon has totally blown folks away with musical guests and toy instruments. In July 2018, he had the Backstreet Boys on the show to perform their hit song, “I Want It That Way,” in an all-new way.

As you might have guessed, the song still sounded absolutely amazing. See the clip from the show’s YouTube channel:


It’s official. Fallon, The Roots and their musical guests never disappoint — even when playing with classroom instruments!

Now excuse us while we go watch that clip of “Take On Me” over and over again. It’s just so catchy!