Jimmy Fallon Fought Back Tears On His Daughter’s First Day Of School

Many kids headed back to school or started school for the first time this week, and their proud (and sometimes relieved) parents took to social media to share photos of the little ones on their big day. When “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon’s daughter, Winnie Rose,  headed off to kindergarten this week, the sentimental dad admitted that he shed a few tears over the milestone.

“I didn’t cry … but I did kind of,” Fallon told actress Jennifer Garner during her appearance on the show on Sept. 5. “I kind of held it in. I didn’t want to be the dad that cries.”

Fallon revealed that he “tried to be cool” in order to impress the other dads who seemed to be holding it together. Watch the whole hilarious clip below (they begin talking about his daughter’s first day of school around the 2:22 mark).

Aww, how sweet! This is not the first time that Fallon has embraced his role as a dad. Earlier this year, he and Ice-T performed a duet of the theme song from “Paw Patrol,” the popular cartoon that is a favorite of their kids.

Fallon has previously talked about the huge impact that becoming a dad has had on his life.

“Me and my wife, we always had a good time together, but we always really wanted a kid,” he said at a private event last year for the release of his book, “Everything is MAMA.”

“We had a hard time trying to have kids. We tried for a long time, probably five years. Now we’re lucky enough to have two beautiful girls, a 4-year-old and a 2 ½-year-old, and every single day is something new, something fun.”

Winnie is big sister to now-3-year-old Francis Cole.

Here is the whole happy family skiing earlier this year:


What an awesome dad! Here’s hoping that watching his little girl grow up gets a little bit easier as the school year goes on!