Jimmy Fallon just went to Olive Garden for the first time—Watch his hilarious reaction

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Olive Garden’s breadsticks are pretty legendary and “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon finally got his first taste of the restaurant’s famous sticks when he dined at Olive Garden for the first time in his life along with rapper Post Malone.

Between the unlimited breadsticks, unlimited salad and free wine tasting, Fallon was pretty impressed with the chain. Post Malone told Fallon that he frequently dines at the restaurant and even celebrates big career achievements there.

In the video, they arrive at the Times Square location in style, via a pink limousine, and Post Malone clarifies that he is not being paid by Olive Garden for his endorsement. The meal begins with the complimentary wine tasting, in which the two reveal that they’re not exactly wine experts.

The two then explore different ways of devouring the breadsticks, and when Fallon learns that the salad is free as well, he’s in disbelief. “Wait, what? What do you pay for here?” he asks incredulously. Viewers like @postybae on Twitter found the whole interaction quite funny (we did too).


Post Malone asks for a laundry basket of croutons for his salad, and Fallon hilariously carries one to their table in the next scene (see hilarious @E_philippines Twitter post below). For their entrees, Post Malone orders them both chicken parmesan, extra crispy. After his first bite, Fallon begins clapping. He’s a convert!

Of course, they saved room for dessert. Fallon sneaks off to tell their server it’s Post Malone’s birthday, so they get a complimentary birthday cake along with singing from the staff. Fallon can’t believe they’ve received another free item.

At the end of the meal, Fallon tells Post Malone that Olive Garden has gifted him the rights to their slogan, “When you’re here, you’re family.”

Fans of Fallon were inspired by the host’s trip to the popular chain and have since posted details of their own visits. @Michaela Dodds photographed her delicious-looking plate but was curious where she could get more croutons.

Other viewers made their visit to the restaurant a family affair. @allismom and her daughter were even sure to order the chicken parmesan in true Fallon and Post Malone style.

Watch Fallon realize what he’s been missing as the rapper introduces to him to the delight that is Olive Garden in the clip below.

Too funny! Who would have thought Fallon could create so much Olive Garden buzz?

Correction: A previous version of this article referred to Jimmy Fallon as the host of “Late Night.” Fallon hosts “The Tonight Show.” We regret the error.

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