Jimmy Fallon Paid The $1,136 Restaurant Bill For These Couples

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Ever spot a celebrity, freak out on the inside and then debate whether to ask for a selfie? More specifically, what would you do if you were having dinner next to him or her? Well, for two couples who played it cool, their ability to remain calm and not jump on the opportunity to bother the famous diners next to them paid off.

As if you needed any other reasons to love 43-year-old “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon, here’s the latest: Fallon was having dinner with his wife, producer Nancy Juvonen, at Il Mulino, a posh Italian restaurant in the Hamptons, and he ended up paying the tab for the diners next to them simply because they respected his privacy and space.

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Enzo Lentini, general manager of Il Mulino in Wainscott, New York, told Newsday that Fallon lives nearby and often comes in on Sundays.

According to Lentini, a table of two middle-aged couples was sitting adjacent to Fallon and his wife, just a few feet away, and “They wanted to jump out of their skin,” he said. “But they were cool — they didn’t want to interrupt him.”


Fallon noticed their courtesy. “He went up to them said, ‘I appreciate you guys not wanting to disturb us. I knew you wanted to say hello,'” Lentini told Newsday. “So he picked up the tab. With tip it was $1,136.”

The comedian isn’t new to the game of bringing smiles to unsuspecting people. For example, he surprised students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where a mass shooting took place in February, with a moving and inspiring commencement speech at their graduation in June.

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Fallon, who has been vocal about his support for gun control, honored the students for their bravery and dedication.

“You are not just the future; you are the present. Keep changing the world,” he said. “Keep making us proud.”

Another instance of this comedian’s kindness? When he, along with Maroon 5’s frontman Adam Levine and lead guitarist James Valentine, dressed in disguise and surprised New York subway commuters with a couple of songs that brought the crowd plenty of smiles.

Who knows what Fallon will do next to bring someone some joy, but whatever it is, we will be excited to see it!

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