Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Happy, Healthy’ Son Turns Six Months Old

'We're very grateful for your prayers,' the TV host tweeted.

Six months ago, Jimmy Kimmel’s second child, William John Kimmel or “Billy,” was born with a heart defect. Just days after his birth, Billy had to undergo open heart surgery. At the time, the late-night host delivered an emotional speech about his son’s pre-existing condition, which garnered a lot attention given the current debate over healthcare.

Today, Billy Kimmel seems to be doing just fine, as his proud father tweeted that his son was “happy, healthy” on Oct. 21.

Billy certainly seemed happy in the photo, as he was grinning from cheek to cheek.

Many Kimmel fans shared their well wishes. “He’s adorable. So glad to hear he’s doing well,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

The Kimmel family seems to be doing great now, but Billy’s birth certainly wasn’t without difficulty. When Billy was born, an eagle-eyed nurse noticed his skin had a strange coloring, and soon doctors determined something was wrong with the baby’s heart. It was determined he was born with a heart defect.

On a segment posted to YouTube in May, Kimmel shared the story of his son’s birth and open heart surgery to fix the baby’s pre-existing condition:

Since Billy’s heart surgery, his parents have been updating fans about his health and posting the cutest pictures.

Here is was at three months old:

Doesn’t he make the cutest super hero?

Despite his young age, he’s already helping his dad at work.

Apparently, there’s nothing Billy can’t do. This little guy really is a fighter.

Kimmel and his wife, Molly McNearney, are also the parents to three-year-old Jane.

Adorable smiles must run in the family!

Kimmel told the Hollywood Reporter that his son will have to undergo two more open heart surgeries in the future, but the family is remaining optimistic. “We would like to get them over with and not have to think about it all the time, but it could definitely be worse,” the dad said.

We couldn’t be happier to hear Kimmel’s son and the rest of the Kimmel family are doing well. Happy half-birthday to Billy and thank you for his father for using his platform to talk about health care for children!