Jinger Duggar Vuolo Is Pregnant With Her First Child

Congrats! The Duggar clan just keeps on growing!

The Duggar family is growing (again!). You may know Jinger Duggar Vuolo from the TLC show “19 Kids and Counting” and the spin-off show, “Counting On.” She’s the third eldest daughter in the huge Duggar family—and now she’s about to start a family of her own. She and husband, Jeremy Vuolo, are expecting their first child.

The couple announced the news on their personal website, writing:

“The past fourteen months have been the best of our lives as we have had the wonderful privilege of beginning our journey through life together in marriage. We both looked forward to the joys of marriage but neither one of us fully understood just how amazing the start of this journey would be. Truly, the Lord’s mercies are new every morning! Now, the journey has taken an exciting turn: we are expecting our first child! We are praising God for this beautiful gift and ask that you join us in praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy.”

In an interview with TLC, they revealed that they don’t know the sex of the baby as of now, but they have a feeling it’ll be a little boy. How sweet!

The couple were wed in November 2016, and they’ve been open about their love for children.

“I love kids,” Jeremy told Us Weekly. “I really share Jinger’s love for children.”

But that doesn’t mean the pair is ready to have, say, 19 of them!

“I definitely want to have children, but not sure how many,” Jeremy told Us Weekly at the time of his engagement to Duggar.“We’ll have to see what the Lord provides.”

And now, they’re ready to start their family! They’re looking forward to becoming parents, but for now they’re going to savor the time they have to sleep in.

“The best baby advice we’ve received so far… have as many sleep in mornings as we can,” the couple joked in an interview with TLC.

When it comes to the time they have left to sleep in and the baby’s arrival—the clock is ticking—so good thing the Duggar family knows a thing or two about raising children. Congratulations are in order for the happy couple and their growing family!