JNCO is making a comeback with $250 jeans that will make you feel nostalgic

Do you remember those enormous, baggy jeans everyone wore in the ’90s? Well, they were made by a brand called JNCO Jeans — which fell out of favor when raves, Juggalos and late-’90s culture did too.

Except fashion is cyclical, as we all know, and that decade is back in a big way … so JNCO is staging a return with the wide-legged jeans of yesteryear. If you want a pair, it’ll cost you.

The brand, which stands for “Judge None Choose One,” is selling the jeans for between $130 and $250 a pair. These prices harken back to the days when the original pants were deemed “vintage,” after the brand was sold to a Chinese company in 2014. In fact, a 2015 BuzzFeed article unearthed several pairs of used JNCO pants being sold on eBay for $100 to $240, although now you can find a pair for much less.

Here’s a Facebook post from the brand, teasing the eight new pairs of jeans in the collection:

After a few years in relative obscurity, marred by poor production and low-quality products, the brand has come back from the brink. In 2018, original co-founder Milo Revah decided to buy back the company and relaunch it with the help of his daughter, Camilla.

“One thing I want my daughter to learn from me is how to take one thing and make it bigger,” Milo told British music and clubbing magazine mixmag.

According to the mixmag article, the 2019 rebirth of JNCO featureS staples of the brand like jeans, hoodies and t-shirts marketed to a unisex audience. The cut of the clothing revives the traditional ’90s look, but will have updated details like glow-in-the-dark stripes, new denim washes and newly-designed patches “for the modern day raver, skater, biker and beyond.”

Here’s a post from the Facebook page showing off the new jeans line. The relaunch officially took place on June 28, 2019.

The brand has already had to make changes to its pricing structure, though. At one point, the jeans were priced from $225 all the way up to $350, with the higher price for limited quantity “collectors'” pairs.

Announcing the price drop earlier this week to its mailing list members and over social media, Revah said the company was committed to using premium materials, being environmentally friendly, and paying fair wages to its crew based in Los Angeles and Mexico. This all costs money, of course, but apparently, customers want better value.

“We have heard you and we have listened,” the Revahs said in a Facebook post from July 1. “All weekend, we worked on all possibilities to get the prices lowered. We have now updated the site with those prices.”


If you just can’t live without your JNCO jeans, check out their website for the relaunch. And remember — even if it goes out of fashion in the future, everything old will eventually be new again.