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Johnny Depp Just Had Quite The Surprise For Disneyland Guests

Who's excited to see the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" in two weeks?

Riders weren’t seeing things when they thought Disneyland’s Captain Jack Sparrow animatronic on Pirates of the Caribbean looked more real than usual. In fact, Johnny Depp decided to take a trip to the theme park and dress up as the movie character.

Fans Delighted By Johnny Depp’s Appearance

On Wednesday, April 26, riders got on board the Pirates of the Caribbean boat expecting a fun time and a few laughs. Little did they know they’d encounter a superstar.

Listen to these riders’ shocked reactions during their time on the attraction.

This one has to have the best reaction of all, though! Totally shocked!

Following his “appearance” in the attraction, Depp (oops, we mean Captain Jack) stepped up to the patio outside to greet fans.