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Jon Bon Jovi Danced Onstage With His Daughter During A Recent Concert

This adorable duo should share the stage more often!

Jon Bon Jovi’s live performance of “I’ve Got The Girl” is almost always accompanied by home videos of his daughter, Stephanie Rose Bongiovi, playing in the background. After all, the song was written for her about 16 years ago, when Stephanie was just 7 years old.

But during a recent concert in Las Vegas, Jon Bon Jovi skipped the home videos. Instead, Stephanie herself, now 23, joined him onstage.

“Everybody’s got a little girl in their life,” the musician, who just turned 55, told the audience mid-way through his performance of “I’ve Got the Girl.”

“Their daughter, their girlfriend, their wife, their mamma—it all goes by so fast,” he said. “And they start out as little bitty babies and their future’s looking bright. And I wrote this song for that little baby, who’s now not such a little baby anymore.”

Bon Jovi then dove back into the song and, after about a minute, Stephanie emerged from behind the stage and joined her dad, at which point they began to dance together. They ended the song with a jump, and then Bon Jovi kissed his daughter on each cheek.