Jonah Hill just adopted a 3-year-old pitbull named Fig

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It’s no secret that shelters and rescues need caring people to step up and adopt deserving animals longing for forever homes. Some breeds need even more help: Dogs labeled “pit bulls” stay in shelters three times longer than even similar-looking dogs not called pit bulls.

Thankfully, shelters have been experiencing a high number of adoptions by people stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Even celebrities are finding new four-legged family members, such as actor, writer and director Jonah Hill. He recently adopted a 3-year-old pit bull named Fig.

On Jan. 11, Hill shared photos of his new fur-baby on Instagram, thanking Love Leo Rescue, the small rescue in Santa Monica, California, from which he adopted Fig. The rescue shared a sweet snapshot of the pair snuggling on its Facebook page, as well.

“Fig is home! Thank you @jonahhill for choosing to #adoptnotshop. All the cool kids are doing it,” Love Leo Rescue posted. “This beautiful, extra cuddly, three-year-old pitbull was abandoned at a rural shelter during the holiday season. We are so happy she landed with where [sic] she did. Clearly it’s a love connection.”

The rescue went on to thank several other people and organizations involved in rescuing, caring for and ultimately finding a home for Fig. These included Instagrammer @puppyluvla, an animal lover who first posted videos of the sad and sweet dog that was surrendered to a rural shelter; Debbie Bloom Feldstein, who transported her; @thedrunkwalrus, who fostered Fig; and dog trainers from Decoding Dogs, whom the rescue commended for setting the pooch up for success.

“It truly does take a village,” wrote Love Leo Rescue. “Every shelter dog that’s adopted puts the squeeze on breeders (or greeders as we call them). We’re loving this adoption story and are so grateful we could be part of her journey. Happy life!”

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