Jose Cuervo is launching a tequila-infused hard seltzer just in time for summer

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These days, there’s no shortage of choices when it comes to hard seltzer, as it seems like every alcohol brand has its own version.

The latest? Jose Cuervo, which debuted its new tequila-infused Playamar Hard Seltzer in four flavors: lime, grapefruit, mango and black cherry. A bubbly take on the traditional margarita, the seltzers have 90 calories and 4.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) per 12-ounce can.

The seltzers are made with natural flavors — no artificial sweeteners — and they have zero sugar and zero carbs.

The brand took to social media to announce that they had “canned Cuervo,” just in time for the warm weather to arrive. Check out the brand’s tweet from April 9:

If you’re looking for more of a classic margarita, but without so many calories, Jose Cuervo is also launching a new Strawberry Light Margarita, an extension of its most popular ready-to-serve strawberry margarita flavor.

Coming in at just 120 calories and 9.95% ABV per serving, the Jose Cuervo Strawberry Light Margarita features a sweet strawberry flavor with hints of red currants and fresh lime. It is available nationwide for around for $15.99 per 1.75-liter bottle.

Jose Cuervo

While the tequila-based hard seltzers are new offerings from Jose Cuervo, there are plenty of other similar canned cocktails on the market, including Hornitos, which
 is made with real Plata Tequila and comes in lime and mango flavors.

The brand Monaco Cocktails has a Tequila Lime Crush version of their canned cocktails, which is reminiscent of a Paloma or sparkling margarita. Made with blue agave tequila, it has 9% ABV per can.


Cutwater Spirits also has a tequila soda and Tequila Paloma, which is made with grapefruit soda. If you don’t want your tequila in a soda, they also have a peach and mango margarita, plus other canned drinks like White Russians and Long Island Iced Tea.

Cutwater Spirits is also now offering cocktail popsicles, which come in four flavors: tequila margarita, gin melon, vodka mule and rum & cola. The popsicles are 80 calories each and contain 7% ABV.

Cutwater Spirits

Are you looking forward to enjoying some refreshing tequila drinks this summer?

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