Josh Brolin And His Wife Kathryn Are Expecting Their First Child Together

Josh Brolin just announced that he and his wife Kathryn Boyd are expecting their first child together, and we think the announcement itself is super adorable. As you can see in the below photo, Boyd is rocking a tiny baby bump.

“There’s a new sheriff in town,” writes Brolin, pointing out that his wife’s bump is home to a baby no bigger than the size of a sweet potato (which would make Boyd about 18 weeks along, or around 5 months). “Hang on to your hats.”

Actor and ranch owner Brolin is no greenhorn when it comes to the daddy game. He already has two adult children from his previous marriage to actor Alice Adair (best known for her roles in movies like “Beverly Hills Cop II” and the television series “Quantum Leap”).

However, Brolin’s children are now all grown up! Eden is 24 years old and is an accomplished actor in her own right, appearing in shows like “Code Black” and “Beyond.” Son Trevor is 29 years old and is an actor and producer, and he happens to be a dead ringer for his handsome daddy!

This will be model Kathryn Boyd’s first child, and she is over the moon about the new baby (a little girl):

Boyd and Brolin tied the knot back in September 2016. They originally met when Boyd worked as Brolin’s assistant, but it wasn’t long before they fell in love and got engaged.

Brolin, who was also previously married to actor and philanthropist Diane Lane, first shot to Hollywood fame when he starred in the 1980s classic “The Goonies.” In recent years, he’s become best-known for his roles in superhero flicks, such as Thanos in “The Avengers: Infinity War” and Cable in “Deadpool 2.”

However, Brolin is also a country boy at heart and spends much of his free time at his ranch in Paso Robles (located in rural central California).

Sounds like the perfect place to raise a little girl! Congrats to the happy parents-to-be.