Judge Judy lets this dog choose his rightful owner

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Judge Judy is known for her tough, no-nonsense attitude in the courtroom. But is there a soft exterior hiding within?

In a 2012 episode of her show that has been unearthed by the internet, the TV judge had a custody case on her hands, only it wasn’t over a child. Two people claimed to be the rightful owner of Baby Boy, an adorable small dog.

The defendant said she bought the dog from someone selling him on the street, while the plaintiff told Judge Judy he was the proper owner of Baby Boy, who was stolen from him and sold to the woman behind his back and without his consent. The woman produced a certificate from her vet to try and convince the judge that the dog was hers, but Judge Judy dismissed this supposed piece of evidence in her usual brusque manner.

“The question is: Is this his dog?” Judge Judy barked, no pun intended.

When it came time to decide who the dog would go home with, Judge Judy left it up to the pup, instructing that he be let loose in the courtroom. When the dog excitedly ran straight to the plaintiff, she had her answer. Watch the adorable clip below.


Judge Judy nodded solemnly and said, “It’s his dog,” ruling in favor of the plaintiff.

As is tradition in court TV shows, the participants still vehemently disagree. The defendant said, through her tears, that the dog was “part of her family,” while the plaintiff said that getting his pooch back “means the world to him.”

Commenters on YouTube were impressed with the canine’s ability to recognize his owner. “That dog knew who his true owner is and ran straight over to him!” read one comment.

“Dogs don’t lie…. the most loyal & most honest things in the World…. too bad we can’t put them on juries, or vote them in as politicians. LOL,” said another.

What do you think? Did Judge Judy make the right call?

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