Judge Judy Has A New Hairdo—And Fans Were Not Ready For It

Judge Judy has had a signature hairdo for 22 years, but she has decided to switch things up!

The judge in charge of the cases on the courtroom reality TV show “Judge Judy” has a new look. Judge Judy has had a signature hairdo for 22 years, according to Inside Edition, and now, she’s decided to switch things up.

Even if you don’t tune in to “Judge Judy,” you likely recognize her signature bob. But, apparently, she’s decided to grow out her hair and sport a ponytail. She debuted the new hairstyle on an episode that aired on April 24, and her fans couldn’t help but notice the new ‘do.

Here’s the Judge Judy style we are all familiar with:

judge Judy photo
Getty Images | Dia Dipasupil

And now, moving on to the new ‘do.

Here, you can see a comparison of the judge’s new look in this clip from CBS Los Angeles’ YouTube channel:

Many took to social media to share their opinions on the way Judge Judy is wearing her hair. Some viewers were shocked to see the change, and as Twitter user @danielleRDH put it, the look had them “shook”:

After 22 years of Judge Judy wearing her hair a certain way, it’s no wonder that fans (as Twitter user @kaitlinmonte pointed out) were not ready for the change:

Twitter user @ButYaAhhBlanche compared seeing Judge Judy without her signature hairstyle to “seeing Santa without his beard”:

Some were quick to compliment the judge’s new style. Twitter user @cljohnsonjr1 wrote, “I see you your honor” in praise of the longer ‘do:

Meanwhile, others, like @ivynoelle, said it was perfect for the upcoming warmer weather:

Others weren’t sold on the look, as Twitter user @milomom2 compared it to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s hair and pointed out that it looked better on Ginsburg:

She wasn’t the only one to make that particular comparison. Twitter user @JeffreyLuscombe said he thought the new RBG-like style looked great.

One Twitter user even took it upon himself to start a poll on Twitter. As you can see, it seems the majority of those who voted liked the new look:

Still others, like @joyinchrit67, pointed out that it doesn’t really matter what her hair looks like. After all, it’s her great personality and wisdom that make her popular, not her hair.

While this change may have just been spotted on TV, Refinery29 pointed out that another member of the show, Byrd the Bailiff, posted an image of the judge’s hairstyle back in February on Instagram, noting that “change is good:”

After several asked him for his opinion, he also took to Instagram again to admit that he actually prefers Judge Judy’s old style:

“I prefer my boss with the old ‘do’ (left) More sophisticated and ‘Judy’cial. Just my opinion, not law!” he wrote.

Honestly, we’re fans of Judge Judy doing whatever she pleases with her hair. Because, just like in the courtroom, it’s her opinion that matters most!

judge Judy photo
Getty Images | Valerie Macon

What do you think of Judge Judy’s new hairstyle?