Julia Roberts reunites with her ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ costar on new show

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Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney are at it again! Fans remember this iconic duo from the first time they appeared on-screen together in the 1997 hit “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” but now they’re sharing the screen again in a different way.

Julia Roberts stars in Amazon Prime’s “Homecoming,” a series about a caseworker who’s working to help soldiers adjust to civilian life. Mulroney plays Anthony, Roberts’ boyfriend in the show. This is a much different feel than their rom-com days together, as the show is more serious in nature — and they actually wind up together.

This is the third time the actors have worked together. After “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” they also both appeared in “August: Osage County.” But, Mulroney pointed out that this was the first time they’ve acted alone in scenes together again since their late 1990s film. According to the actor, it felt good to share a scene with the iconic Roberts once again.

“Well, we’ve just had such an incredible run together,” Mulroney told CinemaBlend. “And, you know, it’s not even that often that I work with any actor three times, so to work with her in this way is phenomenal. But, it has been since 1996 or so that I’ve sat down and had an eight minute scene with her. You know, in ‘August: Osage County’ I was in the ensemble, but I didn’t have, directly, scenes — at least not alone — with her. So, this was, literally, like coming home, where I knew I was in the hands of a great actor, [with] great material and a great director.”

Roberts echoed Mulroney’s sentiments, noting that she and Mulroney have been longtime friends, so it was a pleasure to work with him again.

“He’s my pal,” Roberts told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s been such a long time we’ve been together, this is our third thing together, and … it’s one of the reasons why being in the business so long is so fruitful, when you can return to relationships.”

Julia Roberts Dermot Mulroney photo
Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez

Given how well they get along and how much both of them seem to love working together, it’s only natural that the idea of a sequel would come up during their interviews. And Mulroney says he’d definitely be open to it.

“I know, I know, ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding.’ [Fans] want to see that happen,” Mulroney said in an interview on “The Talk.” “Well, the question is much chronicled. You’ll notice that the answers are hard to come by. I’m certainly not in the decision-making process,” he said.

However, he followed up with, “I’ve been clear from the beginning. I’ve been clear from 1997 that I’m ready for a sequel. So, I’m on record!” Mulroney said in the interview, which you can watch here:


Roberts seems to have entertained the idea, too. When asked about which of her characters she’d like to follow-up with in a film, she noted that she’d love to check in on how her “My Best Friend’s Wedding” character was doing nowadays.

“I guess I think maybe it’s just because we’re talking about Dermot [Mulroney], but Rupert [Everett, who played Roberts’ friend in the film] was so funny in ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding.’ I guess Kimmy [played by Cameron Diaz] and Michael [played by Mulroney] are married and they probably have kids. And then there’s me and Rupert,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

There’s no official word on a sequel yet, but here’s to hoping! In the meantime, you can catch the pair on-screen together again in “Homecoming,” which is available for streaming now.