Just Try Not To Cry As You Watch ‘Angry Grandpa’ Get The Gift Of His Life From His Son

Reunited and it feels so good...

Men can be sentimental about cars. (For me, my 1994 Miata. Sigh.) Maybe it’s the first one they ever bought as a teenager, or one that they wistfully eyed in a showroom as they passed by every day. Regardless of the circumstances, there’s an emotional bond there that can’t be broken even by the passage of time.

And that is what this story is about.

Have you seen the YouTube series called “The Angry Grandpa Show”? A son videotapes his crusty old pop in various situations, like pulling a prank on him and then waiting for the inevitable explosion. The crusty old pop is a 66-year-old named Charles Marvin Green. So let’s set this one up for you. Green (otherwise known as AGP) and his son are walking through the parking lot of a Piggly Wiggly supermarket when they happen to come across a gleaming, retro-to-the-max 1955 Chevy Bel Air. Just imagine “American Graffiti,” right? This is an automotive masterpiece—a classic, from a time when Detroit made ’em big. Drive on into the hamburger stand and wait for the waitress on roller skates to come out and take your order. This was the car to take to the drive-in theater!

The reason this car resonates with AGP is he had one just like it when he was only 16—no doubt his first car, and what a way to start out. That car met its demise when his sister drove it to California and scrapped it (!) when it broke down, according to Men’s Health.

The two take a short stroll down memory lane, AGP poses for a photo, and they drive back home, with AGP probably fondly thinking “I wish that were my car.”

It turns out he didn’t have long to wait. We won’t tell you any more—check out this video, which will definitely bring a tear to your eye.