This is the best way to use your trash bags

You know the drill.

Your kitchen or bathroom trash can fills up, you take out the bag and put in a new one. Or, you forget to put the next bag in and now you’ve got a mess (and probably an irritated spouse).

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While having to take the trash out is pretty much unavoidable, there’s a much easier way to manage the bags, according to PureWow. In fact, they say we’re actually using our trash bags all wrong.

Here’s the simple, but oh so clever, method that will forever change the way you use trash bags:

  1. When you take out a trash bag, open a new one just as you normally would. But, don’t put it in the trash can just yet.
  2. Instead put it inside a second trash bag, so they’re nestled together.
  3. Repeat that process until there are 10 bags.
  4. Now, put your 10-bag masterpiece inside the trash can, but only fold the top one over the edge of the can.

Now, when you fill up a bag, you can easily lift the first bag out and a fresh one is waiting for you! Sure, you’ll have to repeat the process once you’ve used all 10 bags, but until then, it’s a clever hack to make one of your dirtiest chores a bit easier.

While we’re on a trash can kick, here are some other hacks to try.

  1. Use a binder clip to keep bags from slipping down into your trash can.
  2. Iron & Twine suggests simply adding a handle to your trash can. If your garbage is in a cabinet, you can easily use the handle to remove the can instead of actually sticking your hand in the trash.
  3. What about wheels on your trash can? That way you can roll it over to the counter to collect scraps when you’re cooking, and then wheel it back out of sight when you’re done. White Tulip Designs offers a tutorial on how to get your garbage rolling.