The ‘selfie kid’ from this year’s Super Bowl gets another awesome surprise from Justin Timberlake

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Ryan McKenna became an instant celebrity after this year’s Super Bowl. The 13-year-old made headlines after he managed to score a selfie with Justin Timberlake during the celebrity singer’s halftime show performance. While memes abounded showing McKenna staring at his phone while, around him, fans went wild (McKenna later explained that he was trying to open his phone’s camera app), our favorite photo is the selfie itself, which McKenna posted to his Instagram:

It turns out the teen is a major fan of the pop star, and he got yet another big surprise during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

McKenna told DeGeneres that he was super excited to be at the Super Bowl game, but had no idea that he would be so close to Timberlake, let alone get the chance to snap a selfie with him and become an internet meme. After the host chatted with him about his moment in the spotlight, DeGeneres revealed that she had yet another surprise for McKenna.

“There’s someone on the phone who wants to say hi to you right now,” she said. When Timberlake came on the line, McKenna was clearly both overjoyed and in shock. Check out the sweet clip below:

As if the opportunity to take a picture with Timberlake during the Super Bowl and to receive a phone call from him while appearing on “Ellen” weren’t enough, Timberlake then dropped the news that he was inviting McKenna and his family to see him perform live in concert in Boston.

Through tears, McKenna thanked Timberlake for his generosity. But the surprises were still not done. DeGeneres then let McKenna know that thanks to the NFL, he and his family would be getting a VIP experience at a New England Patriots home game next season, with four tickets to a game and four pregame field passes.

Timberlake ended the phone call by telling McKenna, “Ryan, I look forward to meeting you and our second selfie together.”

The segment ended with DeGeneres snapping some selfies of her own with McKenna. Wow! That’s one lucky kid.

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