Justin Timberlake’s new song is out and it’s ‘Filthy’

If you thought Justin Timberlake’s days of bringing sexy back were over, boy oh boy are you wrong. His new single “Filthy” (already a pretty suggestive title, don’t you think?) not only brings the sexy back, but also takes it into the future.

“Filthy” is the first single off Timberlake’s new album “Man of the Woods“, his fourth album after 2002’s “Justified”, 2006’s “Future Sex/Love Sounds” and 2013’s “The 20/20 Experience.” The song was released on Jan. 4, with Timberlake tweeting that it should be “played very loud”. But it’s not only the song you’ll want to turn on and dance to—just wait until you see the video!


Presumably set in the future, Timberlake is looking just a bit (OK, a lot) like Steve Jobs in the video, where he arrives on stage to introduce a robot that pulls off some pretty sweet Timberlake-style dance moves, wowing the crowd. Of course, Timberlake is dancing behind the scenes, with the robot performing the moves right along with him.

Check it out—and prepare to dance:

Timberlake says the new album, set to be released on Feb. 2, is inspired by his wife, Jessica Biel, son Silas and, more so than any of his other albums, his hometown of Memphis. The album is said to combine the sounds of traditional American rock with modern influences and includes collaborations with a wide array of artists including The Neptunes, Timbaland, Chris Stapleton and Alicia Keys.

The record’s 16-track list includes titles like “Breeze Off The Pond”, “Flannel” and “Livin’ Off The Land,” just to name a few. With titles like that we have to wonder if he’s secretly releasing a country album! Check out the entire song list via Timberlake’s Instagram:


Leading up to the release of the album, we’ll get three additional music videos, each with a different style, from three different directors. The additional songs will be released weekly starting on Jan. 18.

The album release also coincides with a “Man of the Woods” tour. Pre-sale dates for the tour start on Jan. 10 and continue until Jan. 26, with the first show in Toronto on March 13.

If you just can’t wait for the tour, though, the superstar will also be performing during the halftime show of the Super Bowl on Feb. 4. You may remember the last time he appeared at the Super Bowl, in 2004, as it was marked by controversy thanks to Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” during the pair’s now-infamous performance. He isn’t letting that experience, however, dampen his enthusiasm for a second shot.

Super Bowl XXXVIII: Halftime Show
Getty Images | Frank Micelotta

“What I really want to do is take the opportunity to put together a performance that feels like it unifies,” he told “Football Night in America” host Mike Tirico. “I feel like that would be the ultimate accomplishment, and then the icing on the cake is at some point, within that 12 minutes, that everybody is shaking their booty.”