New Brand Kahmune Offers ‘Nude’ Shoes And Sandals For All Skin Tones

It's about time!

Anyone who’s ever tried on clothing knows that the “one size fits all” method never works. This applies not only to sizing, but also skin tone.

If you’ve ever looked for a nude sandal, for example, you’ll likely find that a shoe manufacturer’s take on nude doesn’t line up with your own skin tone’s version of the color. In an effort to redefine the idea of “nude” as a single, light beige shade, this shoe brand is showing the many variations the color can take.

When it comes to matching your skin tone, the one and only “nude” hue definitely does not work for everyone. So, the UK shoe company Kahmune has joined the likes of other brands such as Louis Vuitton and Naja to do something about it.

The London-based brand is launching ten different shades that will match a much larger variety of skin tones than the previous singular shade option ever could have. Each shade is cleverly named after a city.

So the “Rio” is a creamy caramel color, while the “Edinburgh” is referred to a “natural porcelain.” You can see all the shades and descriptions on the Kahmune website.

The idea to do this came to Kahmune founder Jamela Acheampong after her own personal struggle to find nude shoes.