Kate Hudson says she’s raising her daughter ‘genderless’

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Kate Hudson welcomed her first daughter in October 2018. She’s already a mom to two boys: Ryder, age 14, and Bingham, age 7. And while raising a daughter does feel a little different this time around — because each child brings something new and different to the family dynamic — Hudson isn’t letting gender factor into her parenting style.

The famous mom says she’s taking a “genderless” approach to raising her children, and considering little Rani Rose is only 3 months old, her gender hasn’t really come into play just yet.

“It doesn’t really change my approach, but there’s definitely a difference,” the mom told AOL in an interview. “I think you just raise your kids individually regardless — like a genderless [approach]. We still don’t know what she’s going to identify as.”

The mom even went with a gender-neutral name, Rani (pronounced “Ronnie”), after her grandfather, she announced on Instagram:


The most important thing for the mom is that her daughter, and all of her children, feel loved and supported, the same way she did growing up with her mom, Goldie Hawn.

“Our upbringing was filled with love and I felt very emotionally safe growing up,” Hudson told AOL.

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And she feels proudest when she sees her kids embodying unconditional love, like the time her oldest son snuggled with his baby sister.

“Post Turkey Day my son comes into our bedroom, takes his sister in his arms and spent some solid early morning time loving her,” Hudson wrote on Instagram. “I watched thinking… I’m Thankful for love. Unconditional love and that my children embody what it is when one feels loved.”


Hudson told AOL she feels her happiest when she feels “free:”

“That’s my big word: Freedom and feeling liberated. That is, to me, where contentment and happiness lie. Not feeling tied down. Being okay saying “no.” Feeling secure and safe in yourself and your family and your relationship. When you create that safe haven, nothing else really matters. Also, I never feel like I have anything to hide.”

So it’s no wonder she’s raising her kids in a way that they feel safe, secure and free to be exactly who they want to be.

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So far, she believes she’s done a pretty great job with the whole parenting thing, and she’s not afraid to give herself credit for it!

“The best thing I probably do is — I’ll say I’m a pretty darn good parent,” she said in an interview on “Today.” “I got good kids.”

She continued, “Ryder’s turning out to be — I’m really super proud of him. And I had something to do with that, so I think parenting is where I feel probably my strongest.”

Bravo to Hudson for wanting the best for her kids and taking the time to award herself for her efforts to be the best parent to them. All parents could stand to stop and acknowledge their efforts more often. Raising kids isn’t easy, but remember — you’re doing great!

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