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Kate Middleton Helps Sick Boy In Crowd Waiting To Meet Her

Her mama instincts kicked in!

In a gorgeous bright pink coat, the Duchess of Cambridge, took a royal outing in the city of Coventry yesterday. Pregnant with her third child and glowing beside her husband, Kate Middleton looked every part the princess as she shook hands and smiled with eager fans.

However, the Duchess was not just soaking in the warm smiles and kind words. As a mom of two, she immediately noticed that there was a young boy who looked ill in the crowd.

Mama instincts kicking in, Middleton went to the boy’s aid, People.com reported. The 10-year-old, Craig Skipper, had been waiting in the cold for three hours to catch a glimpse of the royal couple, and whether it was the cold, the waiting, or something else entirely, the boy was pale and looked like he may vomit.

Getty, WPA Pool

“She came over to speak to him, and noticed he was not very well. She asked if he was okay. She bent down and was concerned,” explained Carole Flynn, a learning mentor at Corpus Christi primary school, where Craig is a student.

The Duchess then asked for one of her bodyguards to quickly get her a brown paper bag in case Craig was going to be sick.

Fortunately, Craig rallied (perhaps because of the kindly words from the royal mama), and the bag was not necessary. However, this sweet story has gotten attention because it shows that underneath all the glitz and glamour, Duchess Kate has that “mama bear” side to which moms everywhere can relate.

Getty, WPA Pool

Considering she has suffered greatly from hyperemesis gravidarum, which causes severe nausea and vomiting, during her pregnancies, it is no wonder that the Duchess of Cambridge was in a unique position to recognize when someone may be feeling sick to their stomach.

Here’s hoping little Craig feels better …although, considering he will probably remember this royal meeting for the rest of his life, maybe being a little green around the gills was worth it!