Kate Middleton Leaves Hospital With New Baby Less Than 7 Hours After Giving Birth

Duchess Catherine and Prince William just had their third baby, and everyone seems to be doing well. Great! Mazel tov!

Now it’s time to talk about that other miracle of life they’re showing off.

According to the official announcement from the Palace, Kate gave birth at 11:01 am London time.

Less than seven hours later, she appeared on the front steps of St. Mary’s Hospital, looking better than 99 percent of people will ever look in their best moments.

Yes, of course, Kate Middleton has a team of hair, makeup and clothing stylists.

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But still, this woman just had a baby!

And here she is, giving extremely strong Princess Diana vibes in a raspberry-red dress and actual, honest-to-God heels. HOW.

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The internet was agog.

Here’s the video of Kate, William and their new baby coming out to greet the public:

A lot of folks may want to explain away her appearance with the whole, “She’s a royal, anything she could ever want is provided to her” thing, but let’s be real: Unless a royal guard escorted Kate’s newborn child out of her womb on a cloud of unicorn tears, there’s not much that being rich and famous is gonna do to help the messy, wearying process that is childbirth.

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Babies do not care that you are one of the most important people in the world. They will visit pain and suffering upon you all the same, and you will love them for it.

Case in point: Kate suffered from hyperemises gravidarium during the early stages of all three of her pregnancies.

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The condition causes severe nausea and vomiting, and can pose serious health risks.

Luckily, she powered through every time without serious complications for her or her children.

Kate has always turned heads and inspired headlines with her beatific, too-perfect-to-be-true constitution.

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Notice how her hair never seems to blow too far out of place, or how we never seem to catch her in a yawn or grimace?

Truly, it all sounds exhausting. After dazzling the world yet again with her latest postpartum appearance, let’s hope she was treated to the most opulent luxury any royal or non-royal mother could hope for: a nap.

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Written by AJ Willingham for CNN

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