This Pin Kate Middleton Wore Would Make A Such A Sweet Pregnancy Gift

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When a loved one announces that they’re expecting, you usually want to share in their joy by gifting them with something that celebrates this major life change. But what if you’re stumped on what to get for that mom-to-be? Duchess Kate Middleton has you covered.

During her first pregnancy with Prince George back in 2013, the royal received a great gift that’s perfect for any expectant mom: a “Baby on Board” pin. This simple but clever gift is given out by the London transport authorities for pregnant women to wear while on the Tube or other forms of public transportation, giving fellow passengers an easy way to know they might need a seat.

“Travelling on the Tube can be tricky for mums-to-be, but having a Baby on Board badge makes it easier by letting other passengers know that you have a very good reason to need a seat,” the Transport for London web site explains.

What a great idea! This eliminates any confusion or awkwardness for pregnant women who may not be “showing” yet.

American Alexia Dellner received one from a British colleague while she was pregnant, and she said that the pin definitely helped signal to those around her that she may need a seat.

Watch Middelton receive the genius pin during a visit to the Baker Street Tube station in this video posted to YouTube by The Telegraph:

Unfortunately, only Londoners can get a “Baby on Board” badge for free by filling out a simple form online. The badges can be sent to any address within the Greater London area as well as South East England.

Luckily, those of us who live across the pond can score copycat versions via online retailers.

Check out this adorable hand-lettered badge available on Etsy for $2.05:


This yellow pin available on Amazon for $7.97 will not be missed, even on a crowded subway:


Would you gift one of these pins to an expectant mom in your life?