Kate Upton And Justin Verlander Are Getting Married Very Soon

Wedding bells will be ringing this weekend! Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander will reportedly go from winning the World Series to marrying his supermodel fiancée Kate Upton in just a matter of days, according to People magazine. Talk about one epic celebration!

The couple started dating in 2014 and announced their engagement on the 2016 Met Gala red carpet, so it makes sense that their wedding day would be even more grand and special. It doesn’t get better than wedded bliss after a World Series win, after all.

According to People, the couple will wed in Italy over the weekend, with US Weekly adding the nuptials will take place in Tuscany. Upton and Verlander have managed to keep their relationship mostly out of the public eye and have yet to confirm an exact wedding date.

However, the bride-to-be did post what seemed to be a photo from her bachelorette party to Instagram on Oct. 23. She wore a baseball cap reading “bride” while four pals wore hats reading “squad”:


The famous Plaza Hotel in New York City served as the place for this crew to “relax, rejuvenate and celebrate.” Sounds like she could be prepping for the big day to us!

The couple haven’t been shy about sharing their love for each other. Twenty-five-year-old Upton told E! News that she considers 34-year-old Verlander to be her best friend, and in fact, that’s the “secret sauce” to their relationship.

“For us, we always try and work on our communication,” she said. “We’re very open with one another and we’re each other’s best friends. He’s definitely my best friend, so I think that helps a lot.”

Kate Upton photo
Getty Images | Tasos Katopodis

Not only are they open with each other, they’re also mutually supportive. Upton was in the stands this week when Verlander’s team won the World Series, and he’s been there for her throughout huge moments in her career, too.

Kate Upton photo
Getty Images | Ronald Martinez

She’s also said he’ll fully support any wedding dress she chooses.

Justin is so supportive and I don’t think that he would honestly have a strong opinion in that way. He’s a lover, not a judger,” she told People.

Verlander isn’t the only Astros player with wedded bliss in his future, either. Shortstop Carlos Correa won the World Series and then immediately dropped to one knee to propose to his girlfriend:

There’s nothing quite like a big win to get you in the mood to take your relationship to the next level! We’re Team Love all the way!