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Watch Katelyn Ohashi’s New Floor Routine With Music By Beyoncé

She scored a perfect 10 this time!

Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi is back and better than ever with an updated floor routine. Her floor routine using a mash-up of music from Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and Janet Jackson went viral earlier this year. But now, she’s swapped the music, updated the moves and given even more of an empowering female flair for a floor routine that doesn’t disappoint.

Ohashi received a perfect score on the previous version of her floor routine, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t ready to take on a new challenge. According to her coach, she’d been itching to add another floor routine to her repertoire this season. And with the mixed feelings surrounding Michael Jackson after the “Leaving Neverland” documentary, it seemed like the perfect time for Ohashi to test some new moves to some new tunes.

Katelyn Ohashi photo
Getty Images | Katharine Lotze

“Katelyn and I have been talking about having two routines this year ever since this summer,” UCLA head coach Valorie Kondos Field told ESPN. “It was a little bit of a hard decision once we saw how much people enjoyed her routine. Could we top it? It was hard enough to get music that could top last year’s routine. But [former UCLA gymnast and dancer] Ariana Berlin kept working on it and working on it, and finally she came up with something that Katelyn and I just felt was even more joyful, and the fact that it was by all female artists made it a no-brainer.”

So, she replaced the moonwalk from her famous routine and swapped Michael Jackson’s music for “Run The World (Girls)” by Beyoncé. She also kept the music from Janet Jackson and Tina Turner. Now, the songs she’s performing to are all by female artists. Ohashi told ESPN this is more in line with what she personally stands for in the first place.

“I just really wanted a women’s empowerment routine because it’s a big part of my platform,” the gymnast told ESPN.

She also talked about “Leaving Neverland” as a factor in her decision. “Honestly, in the back of my mind it did [influence the decision], because of the platform that I have. The goal of my routine is pure joy, and after the documentary, not everyone was feeling that way, and you can never discredit someone’s feelings. So yes, it was in the back of my mind because my main goal is to find as much joy as possible in this routine,” she told ESPN.

For her, performing floor routines is all about bringing joy to others. After all, it brings so much joy to her — which definitely comes across when she’s on the mat.

“Performing is my favorite thing,” Ohashi told The New York Times. “What you see is how I feel.”

And she hopes others feel it, too. “I know I have a blast doing it, and I hope everyone has a blast dancing along with it as well,” she told ESPN.

Mission accomplished, Ohashi!

Check out her updated routine in this video from the UCLA Athletics YouTube channel: