Katharine McPhee expecting first child with husband David Foster

“American Idol” alumna and “Smash” star Katharine McPhee and her husband, David Foster, have just revealed that they are expecting their first child together!

It will be the first child for McPhee, who married Foster (best known as the ex-husband of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Yolanda Foster) last year.

It will be the sixth child for Foster, who turns 71 next month. His five daughters, Alison, Amy, Sara, Erin and Jordan, are 50, 47, 39, 38 and 34 years old, respectively. He also has seven grandchildren.

McPhee, 36, tied the knot with Foster in London in June 2019. It is the fifth marriage for Foster, who was once notably wed to Linda Jenner, the mother of Brody and Brandon Jenner.

In “Off the Record,” a Netflix documentary about Foster’s career as a music producer, Foster discussed his oft-publicized love life and his past divorces.

“When things get rough or bad, rather than working it out, I run,” says Foster, who was criticized in the media for divorcing then-wife Yolanda when she struggled with Lyme disease.

The couple isn’t afraid to get real in the documentary, with mom-to-be McPhee admitting that their marriage isn’t always a bed of roses.

“There have been moments where you feel like, ‘God, does he have any empathy at all?'” says McPhee in “Off the Record.” “He’s so good at disguising what he feels. He just wants everything to be OK at all times and if it’s not, he’s gone.”


McPhee, who starred in “Waitress” on Broadway, first met Foster in 2006 when he mentored “American Idol” contestants on the program.

Foster’s adult children say McPhee has been a good influence on their father. Erin Foster told People they even jokingly sometimes refer to her as “Mommy” (Erin is two years older than McPhee).

“Interestingly, the age difference has played a role in a positive way,” Erin Foster told People.

“Kat has really pushed him to open up. We could get into a fight, and then Kat’s like, ‘No, you have to pick up the phone, call your daughter back.’ She’s a facilitator, which is really important. She pushes him to be more emotional and more vulnerable.”

But soon enough, that title of “Mommy” will be fully accurate! Here’s wishing McPhee a safe and comfortable pregnancy and delivery.