Katie Couric’s Daughter Is Engaged—and Her Fiancé Proposed In The Sweetest Way

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Romance is in the air! Six-time Emmy Award winner Katie Couric just announced that her oldest daughter, Elinor Monahan, is engaged.

In an Instagram post that is buzzing with excitement and maternal joy, Couric shared the news that Elinor’s boyfriend Mark had popped the question. And, not only did he pop the question, but he did so in a very meaningful and touching way: by first asking mom’s permission, and then proposing with the very ring that Elinor’s father, Jay Monahan, proposed to Katie with:


As you can see, the ring is a beautiful solitaire diamond with a gold band. But its sparkles are just half of its beauty, as its history is no doubt priceless in Ellie’s eyes.

Elinor’s father died 21 years ago after a battle with colon cancer. She was just 6 years old at the time. (Her younger sister Caroline was only 2 years old). Elinor wrote a touching piece for The Huffington Post in which she revealed how deeply his loss had impacted her life, and how amazing her mother had been in his absence. She also shares how Couric’s own father played an important role in her life, writing:

“He and my mother taught us the importance of hard work, humor, and of never losing one’s sense of self in the face of adversity, whether it came in the form of a bad grade, a bully, or a failed attempt to secure a fellowship. Most importantly, they embodied resilience.”

The talented eldest sister has a degree from Yale University, and she is a writer who has worked for television shows, including “Mr. Robot.”

Sister Caroline Monahan shared a happy post on her Instagram as well, revealing that she will be the maid of honor when the couple ties the knot:


This isn’t the first time the women of this family have celebrated nuptials together. Katie married her second husband, John Molner, in 2014, and her beautiful daughters were in attendance to support her and celebrate the happy affair:


Stay tuned for more wedding details as they develop!

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