We Can All Relate To Katie Couric’s Brutally Honest Makeup-Free Selfie

Nobody likes going back to work after the holidays. You’re tired, bloated, and somehow still stressed from dealing with your family. . .even though they left several days ago. Well, Katie Couric feels the same way—except she’s going back to work after the holidays AND 10 years off.

Couric, who was a “Today” show co-anchor from 1991 to 2006, returned to the set this week to celebrate former co-host Matt Lauer’s 20th anniversary. After a decade of peaceful mornings, this meant returning to the ultra-early routine that goes with hosting the show—and Couric was not having it.

She posted a fantastically real makeup-free selfie to her Instagram on Wednesday, and her face says it all. Not only is Couric a woman of the people, she’s a down-to-earth woman with whom we can all empathize. Who among us hasn’t felt this way upon waking up early for work?

“Day 3 of @todayshow time to make the donuts. #firstmirrorselfie #lastmirrorselfie #omg,” read her photo caption.


Honestly, we wish we looked that good for a break-of-dawn wakeup call! And hey, at least she’s wearing cute jammies and has fresh flowers in her bathroom.

“It just feels like I never left,” Couric told TODAY as she returned to her rightful place beside Lauer. In addition to celebrating Lauer’s 20-year anniversary of being on the show, Couric also went back to her old job to fill in for Savannah Guthrie, who is currently on maternity leave.

“Welcome back to Studio 1A, January 1997, apparently?” Lauer said at the opening of the show. “It went by so fast, but that means it’s a good thing. That means it’s been fun and interesting and challenging, and it all started with you in 1997.”


Check out the Instagram feeds from Couric and the TODAY Show for other fun throwback posts (spoiler alert: Couric and Lauer once had matching haircuts) this week, and tune in to watch the dynamic duo get back into their groove—if only for one short, sweet week.