This Katy Perry Song Stopped A Baby From Crying

All parents have been there before. You’re in the car, driving along, when your baby becomes upset and starts crying. From the front seat, there’s not much you can do to console your little one. But sometimes, the strangest things can soothe your baby.

Take this little girl, who was super-fussy until she heard “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry. Nope. It’s not a lullaby, or even a favorite ballad from a Disney movie, that instantly brightens this baby’s mood. It’s a chart-topper from a pop star.

As soon as she hears the opening notes, her tears seem to magically stop and she starts waving her hands in excitement. When Perry starts singing, she giggles happily. Check out the adorable video below:

Too cute! It even seems like she tries to start singing along at the end.

Back in 2014, when the video was originally posted, Perry herself tweeted the video and joked, “Available for babysitting at 10 dollars an hour & 4 Oreos.”

Soothing them with her music is not Perry’s only experience with babies . Back in 2016, the pop star tweeted that she helped deliver her sister’s baby and hit the studio all in one day. I wonder if she played her own music to welcome the new baby to the world. It seems like it has a great effect on little ones!

Which song always did the trick with your baby?