Keds And Kate Spade Wedding Sneakers Are Perfect For Low-Key Brides

If you’ve been a bride, or heck, even just been in a wedding, you know how uncomfortable it can be for your feet. Walking and dancing all night — in heels! — is pure torture if you don’t have the right pair of shoes.

Sure, there are some pretty cute pairs of flats you can wear to match your dress instead. But the ultimate in comfort is the trusty ol’ sneaker. And luckily for you if there’s a big event coming up, Keds and kate spade new york offer a line of wedding sneakers.


The sneakers come in either lace-up or slip-on and are available in glitter or sleek leather. Who would have thought sneakers could look so elegant?

Prices range from $50 to $90, but unlike fancier wedding shoes, your odds of wearing these again are probably a lot higher. Just sayin’! And another bonus is that with only a few styles to choose from, it’ll cut down on the insane amount of time it takes to find that “perfect” wedding-worthy shoe.


Here’s a closer look at the Keds x kate spade new york styles:

Champion Glitter, $85

Keds x kate spade new york

These are so sparkly! The “Champion Glitter” are available for $85. You can also get these in slip-ons for the same price.

Triple Up Leather, $85

Keds x kate spade new york

The “Triple Up Leather” style features an extra-thick platform for dancing the night away.

This new Keds x kate spade new york collaboration is great news for bridal parties and brides alike! No matter which style you choose, these are simple but quirky!